Mr. Defensive

This is just a quick post, I have a math exam tomorrow and I should be studying.

I’ve noticed that in most social interactions people have roles to play; the instigator, joker whatever. There’s too many to list.

The one that gets on my wick the most, is super defensive guy. He who, you cannot simply have a discussion or argument with, cause you know what the response will be, before it happens.

I was reliving the events of a party with a group of friends earlier and Mr. Defensive reared his ugly head.

Me: hey man, who was that girl you were with?

SDG: What girl?

Me: The one you were dancing with, literally, all night.

SDG: I wasn’t with a girl, I don’t remember anything man, back off.

This killed the entire conversation. I mean the girl wasn’t even bad looking. Seriously. I mean I wouldn’t have said no. I digress.

This guy wouldn’t be comfortable in a social situation unless we were all in the dark, watching him play on skyrim. In silence. Just watching. How he managed to talk to a girl is astonishing.

If there’s a take home message from this post, it’s if you know a guy like this then stop them being so defensive. I mean every one we manage to eliminate is one small step for mankind. If you don’t know a someone like this, your probably that person in your group. In which case, stay away from humanity. We don’t need you.

Lead from the front.


Taking the Bridge

Today whilst talking with a friend, whom has just passed his driving test, we came upon the subject of him being terribly scared of crossing a bridge on his way to work. Now, the bridge of which we were talking about in particular, is of a measly width and seems to terrify drivers both new and experienced.

Now it just so happens I used to use the bridge as part of my daily commute to work. So I had a thing or two to say about certain techniques he might try to tackle his first crossing. He was extremely nervous and was debating going the long way around instead. An idea of his, which I thought wasn’t very masculine.

This conversation got me thinking of other things that people are scared, worried or apprehensive about and those of you out there who choose the long road. The impractical, laborious and boring road. Instead of taking the swiftest course, which is often more exciting, more exuberant and makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something. In other words, the bridge.

This approach can be applied to anything, especially most of the common New Years resolutions. However, it can be directly linked to how you view life, work, hobbies or personal relationships. Sometimes just getting things done is really the only solution.

At the end of the day, what people often need to do is simply accept what might happen and, at the risk of sounding like a game of thrones general, take the bridge.

My friend took my advice, sailed across it no problem and the car has no major bumps or scratches. At least not from the bridge.

Lead from the front.