Mr. Defensive

This is just a quick post, I have a math exam tomorrow and I should be studying.

I’ve noticed that in most social interactions people have roles to play; the instigator, joker whatever. There’s too many to list.

The one that gets on my wick the most, is super defensive guy. He who, you cannot simply have a discussion or argument with, cause you know what the response will be, before it happens.

I was reliving the events of a party with a group of friends earlier and Mr. Defensive reared his ugly head.

Me: hey man, who was that girl you were with?

SDG: What girl?

Me: The one you were dancing with, literally, all night.

SDG: I wasn’t with a girl, I don’t remember anything man, back off.

This killed the entire conversation. I mean the girl wasn’t even bad looking. Seriously. I mean I wouldn’t have said no. I digress.

This guy wouldn’t be comfortable in a social situation unless we were all in the dark, watching him play on skyrim. In silence. Just watching. How he managed to talk to a girl is astonishing.

If there’s a take home message from this post, it’s if you know a guy like this then stop them being so defensive. I mean every one we manage to eliminate is one small step for mankind. If you don’t know a someone like this, your probably that person in your group. In which case, stay away from humanity. We don’t need you.

Lead from the front.